Pain map for tattoos

Have you been feeling the call of ink on your skin for a long time? You still can't decide whether it hurts more or less to get a tattoo in one area or another, because of everything you read in blogs, forums or social networks?

We have prepared this article about the pain map for tattoos, to help you decide so you can show off your new tattoo next summer. 

It is said that tattoos are not made for everyone, and the fact is that not everyone has the same pain tolerance. 

Pain is real and depends a lot on the place where you do it, so if you are thinking about getting a tattoo for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, and as we have said before, the location of the tattoo will be important, not all tattoos have the same degree of pain, and not all people feel the same. 

It will also depend on the structure under the skin or the main nerve endings throughout the body. 

So, to be clear about which areas are the most and least painful read on.

Painful parts to get a tattoo

If you were to ask 100 different people about the most painful place to get a tattoo, you would probably get 100 totally different answers between them because the pain threshold with each pass of the needle is not the same for everyone. 

Rib area

Experts in the tattoo world and tattooed people themselves, will say that this is one of the most painful locations to get a tattoo. Even if you have several tattoos in that area. It's hard to get used to the pain.

That this is one of the most painful areas is because it does not contain enough padding to cushion the needle prick, it is close to bone, and there is no fat or muscle and relatively less skin. 

This area is close to the central nerve system, which in simpler terms means that there are several important nerves that are not cushioned by flesh or muscle. 

The worst part of this tattoo occurs after the process is complete. Although for many tattoos the pain only lasts as long as the needle is tattooing, and the first few days with discomfort, with this tattoo the pain can persist for more days.

Inner thigh area

Although this area contains the cushion needed to reduce needle pain, this is another one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. 

In most cases, this is attributed to the fact that during the healing process, it is likely to rub against the leg when walking and not be exposed enough to heal without pain. 

Inner arm or near the elbow

This location is among the most painful because it houses two of the three major nerve endings in the body, therefore, at the time you are getting tattooed, you will feel intense pain along your arm. 

Feet area or ankle

Perhaps this is one of the most delicate areas to get tattooed as the feet contain hardly any muscle or fat. The nerves that run through this area are exposed.

Internal part of the wrist

This is another painful place due to the lack of flesh and muscles, and the presence of nerves right in that area.

Fingers and hands

This area is becoming more and more popular, becoming one of the most requested areas to get a tattoo. 

In this area even a mini tattoo can hurt quite a bit because the hands are full of nerves as they are the main part of the body used to feel, increasing the sensation of pain when the needle injects the ink into the skin.


Although it is a rare place to get a tattoo there are people who decide that area to get tattooed. 

And along with that decision, the moment of tattooing the armpit is accompanied by pain, due to the fact that in that area there is the axillary nerve, and other glands present. 

It is also a slow area for the healing process, making the pain take a long time to disappear. 

In which areas does a tattoo hurt the least?

If you want an area where the pain hardly appears then you will have to choose to get a tattoo on the buttocks. Although few people want to get a tattoo there, it is one of the areas where it hurts the least. 

Other areas recommended for people with low pain tolerance are the thighs, forearm and calves as they are areas that contain a lot of cushion and few nerve endings. 

And although the moment of getting tattooed is not so painful, the recovery time is uncomfortable, with an increased burning sensation. 

Knowing this... Do you already know where you will get your next tattoo?

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