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Tattoos Enter the Intelligent Era

The latest innovation in the world of tattoos consists of turning these decorative elements into intelligent accessories that help people in their daily lives. Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not forever. Today, there are numerous methods to remove them if one is dissatisfied with the result or simply...

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5 Myths and Facts about Tattoos

Tattoos have been an integral part of human expression for centuries, adorned by diverse cultures and individuals around the world. However, along with the beauty and meaning they possess, tattoos have also been shrouded in myths and misconceptions. Let's delve into some of these myths and unveil the truths that...

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Rosalía: from Motomami to Tattoo Queen

Rosalía, the talented Spanish singer, has added a new chapter to her intricate tattoo history. If you've ever wondered about the significance of her permanent marks, today we reveal that her latest tattoo is none other than the lyrics of an iconic flamenco song by Manuel Molina: "Que nadie vaya a llorar"....

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The controversial campaign of a festival in Austria 

Austria has sparked controversy by offering a year of free public transport in exchange for a tattoo. Climate Minister Leonore Gewesseler supported this initiative, seeking to promote sustainability. However, the proposal has been questioned for using young people's bodies as advertising space and promoting irresponsible behavior. The campaign, promoted by...

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Breaking Taboos: Tattoos in the Corporate World

In recent decades, tattoos have gone from being a symbol of rebellion to an accepted form of artistic expression in society. Once looked down upon in certain circles, tattoos are now seen as a personal display of style and creativity. Discrimination against people with tattoos does not come from a specific characteristic...

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What should you not do after getting a tattoo?

Common Mistakes After a Tattoo: Care and Necessary Precautions Tattoos are permanent artistic expressions that require special care after their completion. Although the excitement of wearing a new tattoo can be overwhelming, it is crucial to remember that the healing process is critical to maintaining the quality and appearance of the design to...

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