Rosalía: from Motomami to Tattoo Queen

Rosalía, the talented Spanish singer, has added a new chapter to her intricate tattoo history. If you've ever wondered about the significance of her permanent marks, today we reveal that her latest tattoo is none other than the lyrics of an emblematic flamenco song by Manuel Molina: "Que nadie vaya a llorar".

This song, composed in 2014, is not on any album, but has reached an emblematic status in the world of flamenco. Molina performed it for the first time in one of his concerts in Malaga, becoming since then a symbol of this musical genre.

Rosalía's choice of this phrase as a tattoo is loaded with emotion and memories. It is no coincidence that she has incorporated it into her skin, as the singer has demonstrated her deep connection with flamenco on several occasions. In 2017, before her international recognition, she included the song in the repertoire of her "Los Ángeles" album tour, showing her respect and admiration for Manuel Molina and his legacy in flamenco music.

But this latest tattoo is not the only body adornment Rosalia proudly wears. Other tattoos include a mandala on the instep of her right foot and a garter clasp on her left leg. Each of these tattoos has its own meaning and represents an important part of the singer's artistic and personal identity.

Rosalía is not just a "motomami", but a true tattoo queen. Over the years, the singer has been adorning her body with new designs, each one with fascinating and profound meanings.

As she continues her tour in New York, fans have noticed a new tattoo on the Catalan singer's back that has aroused great curiosity. The phrase "Let no one go to cry the day I die, it is more beautiful to sing even if you sing with sorrow" adorns her skin, leading everyone to investigate the reason and origin of this enigmatic message.

It turns out that this phrase comes from the song "Que nadie vaya a llorar" by Manuel Molina, a flamenco icon. Composed by the artist in 2014, this song was not part of any album, but was performed for the first time during a concert in Nerja (Málaga).

But who was Manuel Molina? Known as "el tío Manuel", Molina was one of the most outstanding flamenco composers of his generation. In 1972, he formed the famous duo Lole y Manuel with his ex-wife, Lole Montoya. Together, they released more than five albums, leaving an indelible legacy in the world of flamenco. Their daughter, Alba Molina, continued the family's musical legacy, recording a version of "Que nadie vaya a llorar" in 2019.

Interestingly, Rosalía had already shown her admiration for Manuel Molina before. In 2017, before reaching the international fame she has today, she included the song in the repertoire of her "Los Ángeles" album tour, showing her deep respect for the talented composer.

This new tattoo not only highlights Rosalía's distinctive style, but also serves as a moving tribute to the rich history of flamenco and Manuel Molina's enduring influence on Spanish music and Rosalía's own life.

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