Why tattoo a cat?

The different meanings of each culture and curiosities

Getting a cat tattoo can have different meanings in every culture and for every person. Here are some common reasons why people choose to tattoo cats and some related cultural aspects and curiosities:

  • Independence and freedom: Cats are known for their independent nature and ability to explore the world in their own way. Some people tattoo cats to express their desire for freedom and autonomy.
  • Mystery and spirituality: In many cultures, cats have been associated with the mysterious and the spiritual. They are believed to have a connection with the spiritual world and can act as guides in certain esoteric traditions.
  • Good luck and protection: In Japanese culture, the «Maneki-neko» or lucky cat is a popular amulet that is believed to attract good fortune and protects against bad luck. Tattooing a cat can symbolize the pursuit of good luck and protection.
  • Connection with nature: Cats are animals that have coexisted with humans since ancient times. Some people can tattoo cats as a way to show their connection to nature and their love for animals.
  • Wisdom and cunning: In various cultures, cats are considered cunning and wise. They are said to have the ability to perceive things that others cannot see. Cat tattoos can represent the desire to acquire wisdom or admiration for these feline qualities.
  • Relationship with pets: Cats often become dear and loyal pets. Tattooing a cat can be a way to pay tribute to a special pet or remember a feline companion who has passed away.
  • Style and design: Cat tattoos can feature a wide range of styles and designs, from realistic portraits to stylized representations or geometric tattoos. People can choose a design that fits their personal style and aesthetic preferences.


  • In Egyptian mythology, the god Bastet, depicted with a cat’s head or as a cat goddess, was the deity of protection, house and fertility.
  • In Celtic culture, black cats were associated with magic and were believed to possess supernatural powers.
  • Cats have been considered sacred animals in many cultures throughout history, and their presence is often related to significant events or spiritual messages in some esoteric traditions.

Remember that the meaning of a tattoo is highly subjective and may vary according to individual perspective and beliefs. Before getting a tattoo, it is important to reflect on the personal meaning behind the design and make sure that the tattoo is performed safely by an experienced professional.

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