Tattoos become the order of the day in culture! "Skin Healing" wins the Anagrama literary prize.

The award of the prestigious Anagrama de Ensayo Award 2023 to the Mallorcan literary critic Josep María Nadal Suau for his work «Curating the skin» marks a milestone in the academic and cultural understanding of tattoo practice. Through deep analysis and captivating narrative, Suau unravels the complexity and importance of tattoo culture in contemporary society. From the primitive origins of this form of expression to its modern redefinition as body art, the work sheds light on how the tattoo has evolved to become a vehicle for personal narrative and cultural exploration.

In «Curing the skin», Josep María Nadal Suau draws a fascinating historical line that reveals the intersection between tattooing and human expression over the centuries. Through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing anthropology, sociology and literature, Suau highlights how tattooing has been used as a form of visual communication and a means of transmitting individual and collective identities. The work delves into the various cultural practices and symbolisms associated with tattooing, illustrating its role as a way to preserve memory, express belonging and challenge conventional norms.

«Curing the Skin» also analyzes how the art of tattooing has evolved in response to socio-cultural and technological changes, adapting to contemporary needs and sensitivities. From the proliferation of innovative styles and techniques to its adoption as a form of protest and activism, the work highlights how tattoo has become a dynamic canvas that reflects the complexities of human experience.

The author also examines the psychological and emotional impact of the tattoo, demonstrating how this art form has provided a means of empowerment and healing for those seeking to heal emotional wounds or affirm their personal autonomy. Through numerous examples and testimonies, Suau illustrates how the act of tattooing can act as a form of catharsis and self-discovery, allowing individuals to forge a deep connection between body and mind.

The masterful work of Josep María Nadal Suau, «Skin Healing», not only enriches our understanding of tattoo culture, but also invites a deeper reflection on the intrinsic nature of art and human expression. Through his erudite approach and eloquent prose, Suau demonstrates how tattooing transcends his physical condition to become a means of cultural communication and a visual manifestation of personal and collective identity. «Healing the skin» is not only a tribute to the art of tattooing, but also a reminder of its ability to heal, transform and preserve the very essence of what it means to be human.

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