Los Tatuajes Entran en la Era Inteligente

The latest innovation in the world of tattoos consists of turning these decorative elements into intelligent accessories that help people in their daily lives.

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are not forever. Today, there are numerous methods to remove them if one is dissatisfied with the result or simply gets tired of them. Considering this, the decision to get a tattoo or not should evolve with respect to the associated stigma.

While tattoos are primarily aesthetic, advances in this field continue to progress. Science has set its sights on tattoos as a new starting point for wearable electronic devices, transforming the traditional tattoo into smart sensors.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in making this technology a reality. In recent weeks, these advances have become increasingly tangible, thanks to the latest project developed by a research center based in South Korea.

What they have achieved is the development of tattoos that, strange as it may sound, are intelligent. Essentially, these tattoos have a hidden functionality beyond decoration, all thanks to the use of carbon nanotubes.

Specifically, the ink used is crucial to this breakthrough, as it contains carbon nanotubes to ensure everything runs smoothly. In addition, this material conducts electricity, allowing sensors to be added and then coated with ink to simulate a conventional tattoo.

In terms of possibilities, it is currently under development, although there has been discussion of the significant advantage for certain situations, such as monitoring chronic diseases where patients need to record daily metrics such as blood sugar levels.

The proximity of the ink to the skin makes it easier to perform these tasks, as there is nothing to hinder its functionality, unlike a patch. In addition, a tattoo is much more comfortable to wear than a patch or any other medical device.

A group of researchers in South Korea is working on the design of a tattoo equipped with nanotechnology to monitor aspects of your health. Currently, it requires connection to a device, but the goal is to integrate a chip so that you can access the information at any time.

We already have numerous tools to monitor our health, with smartphone apps or smartwatches, but this group of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) aims to go even further.

If carrying a smartphone around wasn't enough, this group has developed electronic tattoo ink that, when connected to an electrocardiogram or similar device, can send readings of heart rate and other signs such as glucose and lactate to a monitor. This ink is made of a liquid metal, which is special because it is non-invasive to the skin, and carbon nanotubes, which conduct the electricity that sends the signals. For now, this tattoo needs to be connected to a device capable of reading and translating the signals it collects.

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