Carlos Alcaraz Immortalizes his Grandfather with a Tattoo: An Emotional and Meaningful Tribute

The Murcian tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, during last Christmas, decided to engrave on his skin a beautiful tattoo in honor of his grandfather Carlos. Since his first steps in tennis, Alcaraz had the unconditional support of his paternal grandfather, creator of the slogan that the number one tennis player popularized and always carried by flag.

During the Christmas holidays, Alcaraz wanted to pay tribute to his grandfather by visiting the Murcian studio of Ganga, the tattoo artist of the stars. On his left forearm, he tattooed the three 'C's of his motto: "Head, heart and courage". This tattoo symbolizes the values that his grandfather always instilled in him and that Alcaraz carried as a mantra in every tennis match.

The tennis player shared the photograph of the tattoo on his official Instagram account, accompanied by three 'emojis' symbolizing the motto next to that of a grandfather. The image accumulated thousands of likes and many personalities applauded Alcaraz's nice detail. The small and elegant tattoo is located above the wrist with which he does not wield his racket, paying tribute to one of the pillars of his tennis career.

A few days later, the Murcian left for Australia to participate in the first Grand Slam of the new season. Carlos Alcaraz, after his victory at Roland Garros, planned to celebrate with another tattoo: "I'm going to get a tattoo on my left ankle and it will be the Eiffel Tower and today's date", he explained after the victory.

The Spaniard already had two other major titles on his skin. The first, located on his arm, is the date on which he won the US Open in 2022. The second, a strawberry representing Wimbledon, is near his right ankle, recalling his victory over Novak Djokovic. So, he planned to tattoo his recent triumph in Paris.

The love of tennis and tattoos became a special way for Carlos Alcaraz to commemorate his accomplishments and pay tribute to the people who were instrumental in his life. Each tattoo tells a story and reflects a significant value or memory in his career and personal life. Undoubtedly, we would continue to see the Murcian tennis player add more chapters to his skin, celebrating with ink each of his triumphs in the world of tennis.

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