10 Masters is all about what you can absorb from experienced artists who know what it is to fail and succeed, and now are capable of sharing what they’ve learned along their way.

We are a comprehensive online training platform dedicated to the tattoo profession. We offer practical solutions for both emerging artists who are willing to learn the guild from scratch, to the more advanced ones who need to freshen up their technique or learn new techniques. 

In a nutshell, we offer a complete guideline for artists who want to make a living from tattooing.


Throughout courses, workshops, masterclasses and step-by-steps that qualify you and teach you all it takes to become a professional tattoo artist.

This is not a basic course, it’s an exhaustive training that includes theory, technique, and practise evenly. It’s an intimate place where you learn from the same masters’ voice all their tricks, secrets, and methods to level up. Inside you have know-hows, guided practices, full tattoo processes, detailed tattoo reviews and eye-opening one-on-one lectures. 

Classes are held in video format and cover different topics in depth. 

So far, we have numerous courses taught by Coreh Lopez, a tattoo artist specialized in Black & White Organic Realism. His individual MasterClasses teach you all about tattooing realistic hands, eyes, portraits, and animals.  Although, if you like challenges, you can also opt for his MasterCourse in Realistic Tattooing.

Our method is based on the details, dedication, and commitment.

The training is intensive and challenging, but also practical and easy-to-follow. Although, it’s not suitable for lazy people, as it only pays off if you are passionate about tattooing and put enough effort into it to exceed yourself. We give you the tools, but your attitude is key. That’s why, beyond teaching you about the before, during and after tattooing, we also guide you on good habits, ethics, values, how to treat clients and business mindset.


We faithfully believe in how it facilitates learning, and take full advantage of it. 

We use full-HD quality, slow-motion and superzoom, so that you don’t miss a single detail. Besides, we shot videos from different angles and include an innovative signature on-screen HUD®, for you to know which ink dilutions, needles, machines, and voltages are being used at all times.

Our platform is user-friendly and accessible for mobile, computer and tablet. Plus, access to courses is lifelong, and we constantly update the content with no extra cost, nor expiry date, so you can learn at your own pace and adjust it to your lifestyle.

You can also adapt it to your language, as lessons are available in Spanish and English, with a variety of subtitles such as, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, and German.


Giving you useful knowledge, modern tools and enough encouragement to boost your skills, learn to tattoo with mastery and level up.

Experience, practise, and determination are our main cornerstones. With that mindset, we seek to inspire the next-gen of artists and help them get the most out of the tattoo profession. 
We accomplish it by sharing in community, supporting each other and collectively motivating ourselves. Our Instagram is a vivid example of this. There, we not only entertain, but also exchange tips, tricks, curiosities, methods, news, trends, and topics that somehow relate to the world of tattooing.


To dignify the guild, stand up for the art of tattooing and promote its training in a more contemporary, practical and accessible way, to provide you with more and better opportunities to grow as a professional.

Our ultimate aspiration is to improve tattoo education and establish a new way of learning tattooing. 

And our biggest driving force is you.