Tattoos on Royalty: The Silent Modernity of the Spanish Royal Family

The Spanish Royal House, despite its rootedness in tradition and protocol, also keeps secrets and peculiarities that surprise. One of these revealing details was shared by María Zurita, cousin of King Felipe VI, during her participation in the show 'MasterChef Celebrity'. While preparing her dishes on set, Zurita confessed to wearing a tattoo in honor of her grandfather, Don Juan de Borbón, a man of the sea who adorned his arms with nautical motifs.

Zurita's comment aroused the curiosity of chef Pepe Rodríguez, who did not hesitate to ask if his uncle, the king emeritus, was also tattooed. "I think he's wearing an anchor," Zurita replied, suggesting that Don Juan Carlos I had followed the family tradition of tattooing himself with motifs related to the sea.

As for the current monarch, King Felipe VI, Zurita was less certain: "I haven't seen it on him, but it seems to me that he doesn't have one". This exchange revealed a little-known aspect of the Spanish royal family: their fondness for tattoos.

The question of whether Queen Letizia was tattooed also came up in the program. Although there have been rumors about a possible tattoo that Letizia would have gotten in her youth and then erased, Zurita claimed to have no information about it. However, she acknowledged that Letizia is "very modern," hinting that it would not be surprising if she had a tattoo.

Victoria Federica, another member of the royal family, has taken this tradition even further. The daughter of Infanta Elena has decorated her skin with several tattoos, including a boat on her ankle in honor of her grandfather, as well as other symbols with family meanings, such as three dots for her parents and brother, a shell on her wrist in honor of her grandmother, and the silhouette of the island of Mallorca on her instep.

The fact that Spanish royals choose to wear tattoos reflects a more modern and personal side of the monarchy. From Victoria Federica's discreet designs to the possible ink adorning the bodies of other members of the royal family, these details reveal a unique connection between family tradition and individual expression.

The phenomenon of tattoos on Spanish royalty also raises questions about the public perception and image of the monarchy in contemporary society. Traditionally associated with formality and the preservation of customs, royalty now appears more approachable and accessible through these personal gestures. Tattoos serve not only as an artistic expression, but also as a means to connect with the public on a more human and authentic level.

It is important to note that, despite their royal status, members of the Bourbon family are no strangers to modern cultural and social trends. Their choice to wear tattoos demonstrates their adaptability to changes in society and their willingness to defy traditional expectations.

In short, tattoos on Spanish royals are more than just body adornments; they are manifestations of identity, personal expression and connection to family history. As the monarchy continues to evolve in the 21st century, these details reveal a more human and contemporary side of the Spanish Royal House.

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