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Ranking Ink On Sky mejores tatuadores España 2024

Mapa de los artistas registrados en la plataforma de Ink on Sky que utilizan la app Ink on Sky Pro (pruébala gratis) España es hogar de algunos de los mejores tatuadores del mundo, y su escena del tatuaje ha experimentado un gran crecimiento en los últimos años. En este ranking de los mejores tatuadores de…

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Tattoo: From Marginality to Museums

Tattoo art has long been an intrinsic cultural expression of diverse communities and subcultures around the world. From its origin in ancestral tribal rituals to its modern adoption as a form of personal expression, the tattoo has travelled a fascinating journey through time. In an exciting twist...

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Why get a rose tattoo?

10 reasons why people tattoo a rose. Differences and curiosities Rose tattoos are popular in different cultures due to their multiple meanings and symbolism. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to get roses tattoos and some related cultural aspects: 1- Symbolism of the...

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Why get a tattoo of a dragon?

The Dragon is a mythical creature found in many cultures and is associated with strength, power and wisdom. Getting a dragon tattoo can symbolize many different things, but overall, it represents courage, protection, wisdom and the ability to...

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Why get a tattoo of a lion?

The different meanings of each culture and curiosities The lion is known as the «king of the jungle» and is a powerful and majestic animal. In most cultures, the lion is a symbol of strength, courage, nobility and leadership, and a lion tattoo can have great significance for those who...

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The most amazing tattoos of celebrities

Tattoos are a form of personal expression and celebrities are no exception. Many of them have chosen to reflect on their skin designs that represent them or have a special meaning for them.  Below, some of the most amazing tattoos of the famous and their curious stories. Angelina Jolie La...

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