Breaking Taboos: Tattoos in the Corporate World

In recent decades, tattoos have gone from being a symbol of rebellion to an accepted form of artistic expression in society. Once looked down upon in certain circles, tattoos are now seen as a personal display of style and creativity. Discrimination against people with tattoos does not come from a specific characteristic such as age or gender, but depends on the choices freely made. In fact, the most discriminating factor is not the tattoo itself or the area, but the message related to it.  

The evolution with tattoos does not stop only in the social sphere; it has also reached the business world.

Historically, tattoos were associated with negative stigmas in the workplace. They were considered an impediment to accessing certain jobs or advancing in a career. However, as attitudes towards tattoos have progressed in society, companies have also begun to rethink their policies and views on the subject.

This has accelerated in recent years, and the data confirms this trend, which is that companies have a more flexible stance towards visible tattoos in the workplace, which has been driven by the growing acceptance of diversity and inclusion, as well as the realization that tattoos do not necessarily affect a person's ability to do their job. It is mentioned by some research that visibly tattooed people are penalized when applying for jobs in the banking and restaurant sector, but there is a possibility that they may have an advantage in the marketing, fashion and sports sectors. A study, on the other hand, shows that among candidates under the age of 45, tattooed people are less likely to be employed and have lower incomes. 

But what has led to this change in perception? One important reason is the recognition of the value of talent over physical appearance. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, companies are struggling to attract and retain the best people in the industry. And part of this process involves looking beyond the surface and valuing each person's skills, experience and potential. In the U.S., labor shortages have led companies such as Disney, United Airlines and UPS to relax tattoo rules for workers in uniform.

Tattoos are also beginning to be seen as a sign of authenticity and originality. In a world where genuineness is increasingly valued in both brands and individuals, tattoos can be perceived as a form of expression of personal identity. This can be especially attractive for companies looking to stand out in a saturated market and connect with consumers who value authenticity and individuality.

Another important factor is the influence of younger generations in the workplace. As millennials and Generation Z enter their working careers, they bring with them more liberal attitudes toward self-expression in general. As a result, companies are adapting to these new expectations and rethinking their old values to better reflect the diversity of their employees.

However, despite this shift in attitude, certain stigmas and prejudices still persist around tattoos in the workplace. Some conservative industries or customer service positions may still be wary of hiring people with visible tattoos. But as acceptance of tattoos continues to grow in society at large, these attitudes are likely to evolve over time as well.It's rare to find someone without a drop of ink on their body, so companies have been forced to adapt. 

In conclusion, the debate over tattoos in the workplace reflects a broader shift in cultural attitudes toward self-expression and diversity. As companies recognize the value of skills over appearance and adapt to the expectations of new generations, tattoos are ceasing to be taboo in the workplace and are being valued for their authenticity and originality. Ultimately, what matters is not whether someone has ink on their skin, but the skills, commitment and professionalism they bring to the team.

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