¿In which areas of the body do tattoos last the most, and in which areas do they disappear first? 

Tattoos, as they say, are for life. But keep in mind that it depends on the area of the body, its care, and the quality of the tattoo, can gradually disappear over the years.

That is why if you are thinking about tattooing we recommend that you consider a number of factors that can have an effect on the preservation of your tattoos.

Factors to consider to preserve your tattoos:

  • Sun exposure: the sun is not the ally of tattoos. Exposing your tattoos to the sun too much, without any protection, will make the ink fade.
  • Continuous rubbing against clothes: as we well know, tight clothing can constantly rub against your tattoos and wear them out. Especially at the beginning, it is advisable to wear wide clothes.
  • Poor care post tattoo: aftercare creams are always essential to take care of your tattoo afterwards. A tattoo is an open wound that requires special care. In this way, we will keep the colors more vivid and the lines will stay better.
  • Materials used by the tattoo artist: there is no mystery that low quality materials do not remain the same as premium materials.
  • Quality of the tattoo: the tattoo artist must know how to insert ink into your skin in the inner layer (dermis). If this is not the case and the ink does not reach a suitable depth, the tattoo risks being erased more easily.
  • Changes in weight or pregnancy: if the skin is stretched your tattoo will be stretched with it. It can lead to deformations of the initial design.
  • Location of the tattoos: There are areas on the body where tattoos are easier to erase.

Below, we list the areas where tattoos tend to disappear more easily:

  • Hands
  • Fingers
  • Palms of your hands
  • Feet
  • Wrists
  • Sun-exposed areas
  • Areas of folds (elbow, knee..)

Selecting a good tattoo artist is very important. As we said previously, a tattoo is for life. That’s why we recommend that you make a search of the artists you like, compare them, and look at customer reviews and the works they have published.

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We hope that you have served this article, and that your next tattoo lasts forever ;).

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