How to Take Care of Your Tattoos in Summer

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38% of the population is tattooed. This increasingly popular practice has a great impact on personal aesthetics. However, failure to properly care for and clean a tattoo can lead to infections, manifested as redness, swelling, pain and pus discharge. In summer, tattoos require special care to avoid these problems and ensure proper healing.

1. Keep your Tattoo Protected from the Sun

UV rays can fade your tattoo ink, changing its color to an unattractive greenish hue. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, applying it every two hours or more frequently if you feel your skin needs it. The best cream we recommend is Bepanthol® Tattoo Protective Sunscreen.

2. Moisturize your skin with Cream

The summer heat can dry out your skin, affecting the healing of your tattoo. Use unscented moisturizers to avoid possible rashes or eczema. Keeping the skin moisturized facilitates healing and improves the appearance of the tattoo. Ink on Sky recommends Bepanthol® Tattoo Intensive Care Ointment which is also ideal for this purpose.

3. Avoid salt water and chlorine.

Durante el proceso de curación, es crucial evitar el agua salada y el cloro, que pueden irritar la piel y afectar la cicatrización. Evita piscinas y playas por al menos dos a cuatro semanas después de hacerte el tatuaje.

4. Do not exfoliate or perform laser hair removal on the tattooed area.

Until the tattoo is completely healed, avoid exfoliating the area and laser hair removal, which can cause damage and affect the quality of the tattoo.

5. Maintain good hydration and nutrition

Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a balanced diet helps your body heal faster. These habits are essential for an optimal healing process.

6. Avoid Intense Exercise

Sweat can irritate newly tattooed skin, so limit intense exercise until your tattoo is completely healed.

Old Tattoos

Even if your tattoo has already healed, it is still important to take care of it, especially during the summer, to keep it looking vibrant and healthy.

1. Use sunscreen cream.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can continue to affect your tattoo ink, fading it over time. Be sure to apply sunscreen regularly, especially if your tattoo is exposed. We recommend Bepanthol® Tattoo Protective Sunscreen Cream which is an excellent choice to protect your tattoo from the sun.

2. Moisturize your skin with cream regularly.

Mantener la piel hidratada es clave para conservar la calidad del tatuaje. Utiliza cremas hidratantes adecuadas para tu tipo de piel y evita productos con perfumes que puedan causar irritaciones. Ink on Sky recomienda la Bepanthol® Tattoo Pomada Cuidado Intensivo que hidrata eficazmente la piel tatuada.

3. Monitor any changes

Tattoos can experience inflammatory reactions even years after they have been done. If you notice itching, over elevation or changes in color, consult a dermatologist.

4. Avoid Laser

If you plan to have laser hair removal, avoid tattooed areas, as the laser can burn the ink and cause significant damage.

5. Choose the colors of your tattoos wisely.

If you plan to add more tattoos, consider that black inks tend to cause fewer long-term problems. Red inks, on the other hand, can cause the most inflammatory reactions.

6. Stay Informed

Be well informed about the necessary care before getting a new tattoo. A tattoo is a superficial wound that needs proper care to heal properly and avoid infections.

Specific Recommendations for the Summer

In summer, care is intensified due to increased sun exposure and the risk of skin dehydration. Here are some additional tips to keep your tattoos in perfect condition during the warmer months:

  • Apply sunscreen frequently: Every two hours, reapply the sunscreen tattoo cream to ensure constant protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.
  • Moisturize your skin after sun exposure: After a day in the sun, use a moisturizer to restore lost moisture to your skin.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure during peak hours: Try to stay in the shade between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's rays are most intense.

Cuidar tus tatuajes, ya sean recientes o antiguos, es fundamental para mantener su belleza y evitar complicaciones. Siguiendo  estos consejos y utilizando productos de calidad como Bepanthol® Tattoo Crema Solar Protectora, podrás lucir tus tatuajes con orgullo y sin preocupaciones, incluso en los días más calurosos del verano.

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